Code of Hammurabi: DBQ Analysis

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Hammurabi's Code Just “That the strong might not injure the weak, in order to protect widows and orphans.” First Hammurabi was the ruler of Babylonia for 42 years. In addition he created 282 laws with the god of justice Shamash. He created these laws to keep order to Babylonia. Hammurabi's code is just because of the personal injury laws and the property laws. Hammurabi’s code was just because of personal injury laws. Law 196 states that If a man knocks out the eye of a slave he shall pay half his value. (Doc E) This law is just because it is protecting the slave by making them pay half his value and in (Doc B) Hammurabi states That the strong might not injure the weak. Also in law 213 If a man has struck a slave girl… causes her to
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