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The Code Of Hammurabi was a system of laws created by King Hammurabi of Babylon. It is written on a stele pillar in cuneiform. There are a total of 282 laws. The King claims that the laws are to protect the weaker people. Was The Code Of Hammurabi just? The Code Of Hammurabi is not just because of it’s property laws, personal injury laws, and family laws.

Personal Injury laws are an example of evidence that support the fact that The Code Of Hammurabi is not just. Law 209 states that if a man hits the daughter of a free man and kills her unborn baby he has to pay 10 shekels (Document E.) In Law 213 it says that if a man has hit a slave girl and also causes her to lose her unborn baby he should pay only 2 shekels (Document E). Both punishments of these laws still do not solve the problem of the loss of a baby. Although getting paid in shekels is helpful, the real problem is the loss of the baby and money cannot fix that. It is also unfair because the slave girl and a normal girl should at least get the same amount …show more content…

Law 129 (Document C) states that if a married woman is caught cheating with another man they will tie them together and toss them into the water. Law 195 (Document C) says that if a son hits his father, his hands shall be cut off. Both of these punishments are very cruel and harsh. For law 129, a woman should not even have a punishment. I think that it is up to her and her family to decide where to go from there. This law also shows how men are much more in power than the women. I personally think that cheating is wrong although a woman should be able to have her own beliefs and it shows that a woman basically “belongs” to her husband. For law 195, cutting off the hands of your son is not only harsh but it is bad for the father as well since the son is one who assists the dad and helps around the house. Without hands it would not be possible in several ways to contribute to the

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