Hamlet And Hamlet Analysis

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Janelle Struble
Mr. Blazek
Literature IIA
In The Dark Knight, movie begins with Batman an appreciated hero who saves the city only to fall and become the enemy of Gotham City. Similarly in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Claudius is introduced as the new honored king of Denmark. As the play progresses, we find out he usurped power in killing King Hamlet, which will lead to his downfall. In Aristotle’s Poetics, he believes that objects of imitation are men in action and the men must be either of a higher or a lower type. A tragedy should aim for characters of a higher state or are better than in real life. Hamlet makes a good tragedy by its use of strong story structure, actions bringing about pity and fear, and Reversal in Recognition.
Aristotle believed that every tragedy’s story structure must contain six parts; Plot, Character, Diction, Thought, Spectacle, and Song. Of those six, Plot, Character, and Thought stand out most in the play Hamlet. First, Aristotle believes the principles of the Plot make it the most important factor in a tragedy. To Aristotle the plot of a tragedy must be complete with beginning, middle, and end. Hamlet has a complete plot starting with guards at Elsinore seeing a ghost, leading them to tell Hamlet, who will go seek revenge for his father’s death, and ends with no open questions as Hamlet dies from the poison blade and Fortinbras becomes king of Denmark. Second, according to Aristotle, a Character in a tragedy must be good, they must aim for propriety, they must be true to life, and they must be consistent. As Polonius sends his servant off to question Laertes’s friends, Polonius tells Reynaldo he may “put on him what forgeries [he] pleased ­– marry, none so ra...

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...when King Claudius runs scared out of the room, as someone who is guilty of murder. Last, an ironic reversal occurs between young Hamlet and his mother Gertrude. As Hamlet begins closing in on Claudius for murder, He goes to his mother advising her not to go to bed with Claudius and to stay pure. However, even though he told her to stay pure, Hamlet and his mother ended up having sex with each other which was no better than the incest that went on with Claudius and Gertrude. The reversals and recognition of Hamlet are very influential in how the play progresses to conclusion.
Hamlet is a well-written tragedy because of the use of Reversal and Recognition, the bringing about of pity and fear to cause catharsis, and a strong story structure. Just as Batman falls in The Dark Knight, many characters, that start out as appreciated, fall in Hamlet.