Hamlet And Laertes And Hamlet Comparison

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A popular writer in his own lifetime, William Shakespeare's reputation became increasingly popular after his death and his work is widely performed throughout the world. He is the most quoted writer in the literature and history because of his poetries and playwrights. His most famous play was “Hamlet”, which showed a great deal of revenge. This plays theme reflected the true meaning of betrayal, hate and revenge. In this play Shakespeare shows how individuals would act towards a loves death, no matter the outcomes.
In the play Hamlet, there were four revengers, Hamlet himself, Laertes, Fortinbras, and Pyrrhus. However, Hamlet and Laertes will be my main focus on examining Shakespeare’s depiction of revenge. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, the son of the old King Hamlet. He is very melancholy, and bitter, full of hatred for his uncle’s usurpation. Laertes in the other hand is the son of Polonius. His character is very passionate but contrasts for the reflective Hamlet. These two characters have many comparisons in seeking revenge after the death of their fathers. Although each has the same intentions the outcomes are dissimilar.
When Hamlet’s father King Hamlet and Laertes’s father Polonius were killed, it made them want to seek revenge. The similarities that compare these two characters are their life style and education, the emotions towards their father’s death, and the reasons for their revenge. Each character was described as young man who spend most of their times away from their families. Hamlet spends his time studying at the University of Wittenberg and Laertes spends much of the time in France. They were living their life away from all the problems that were occurring in their homes, until the news of t...

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... king Hamlet murdered in the garden by his nephew. There Hamlet realized that the ghost’s word has been proven true and then started his revenge. Hamlet took everything much easy and took time to plan his revenge and Laertes didn’t and failed.
In conclusion the death of a father has a strong impact on individuals. This play endorses revenge because everyone paid for their sins. Hamlet revenged his father by killing Claudius and so did Laertes when saying about the plot he did with Claudius which is proven in the book and in the film I saw of Hamlet. In the film, however Laertes shots Hamlet with a gun, that then reverses and Hamlet shots him and Claudius. Revenge was taken place and both fathers murder had vengeance. Even though everyone had to die, this play shows that no matter who was involved in any plot. Everyone involved has to pay for their actions.
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