Habr Attack Case Study

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On October 3rd, 1993, a joint task force of Army Rangers and Delta Rangers were dispatched into the war torn slums of an uncontrolled United Nations section of the city Mogadishu, Somalia. The mission that day was only supposed to last at most an hour, but ended after a day of nonstop gunfights. When the initiative was lost, that’s when hell broke loose and prevented this mission from going according to plan and causing a disaster. The main objective of the mission was to was to capture high value individuals who were leaders of the Habr Girdr clan, led by Mohamed Farrah Adid, by storming a compound in an area the wasn’t in control of the United Nations Forces. The mission started with Delta Rangers landing on the roof of the compound from …show more content…

It crashed about 2 miles away from the other crashed helicopter. This caused an even larger problem because there were no spare men to devote to the new crash site. Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart were both providing sniper support from another Black Hawk when they witnessed the second Black Hawk crash. Knowing that the crew of the second Black Hawk wouldn’t get any support for a long time, they requested to be deployed near the crash site to form a perimeter. There was a crowd of around a thousand angry Somalians and militia approaching the crash site. They knew the risk, but still requested to be deployed. They were deployed from the Black Hawk and made their way to the second crash site. Once they got there, they moved the only surviving crew member, Mike Durant, out of the crashed Black Hawk and into a small, half destroyed stone hut to protect them from behind. Both MS Gordon and SFC Shughart valiantly defended the crash site, but were eventually killed by the surrounding mob of a thousand armed people. Since Mike Durant couldn’t move on his own, he watched from his stone hut the Somalians pass the bodies of SFC Shughart and MS Gordon around the top of the cheering crowd. After a few minutes, some of the Somalians noticed Mike Durant and charged at him. The Somalians then started punching and kicking Durant

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  • Describes how a joint task force of army and delta rangers was dispatched into the war-torn slums of an uncontrolled united nations section of mogadishu, somalia.
  • Explains that the mission was to capture high-value individuals from the habr girdr clan, led by mohamed farrah adid, by storming a compound in an area that wasn't in control of the united nations forces.
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