HP-48SX Scientific Expandable Calculator

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HP-48SX Scientific Expandable Calculator


The HP-48SX Scientific Expandable calculator was manufactured by Hewlett Packard and the copyright is dated 1989. At the time of release, the HP-48 series was the most advanced line of scientific calculators available to those in the technical fields. I purchased the calculator in 1991 through a high school mathematics program. It has been used extensively since then for virtually every class I have taken. So far, the calculator has never malfunctioned.


The main material of the HP-48SX is plastic. The case is hard brown plastic. The front panel is a thin metal sheet with soft plastic buttons. The screen is a large liquid crystal display.

For a much more detailed description of a similar calculator, see Kim Myers' identification section for her HP-48G.


The internal parts of the HP-48SX consist mainly of a small CPU and its associated connections. These connections were made by soldering. The external case of the calculator was made using the technique of injection molding. The calculator was built for convenience of use. The size is perfect for the palm of the hand. Also, rubber stoppers on the bottom panel ensure the calculator does not slip on many surfaces.


As mentioned above, the design and construction of the calculator make it convenient and easy to use. Also, the symbols used follow standard conventions which reduces the chance of confusion. The ability to produce characters of both the English and Greek alphabets gives the user the ability to write any word or equation.

The keypad interface is arranged for simple use. All the buttons are labeled clearly with primary, secondary, and tertiary operations. Functions not contr...

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... peers with respect to technological possessions. My HP represents my first step into high tech equipment.

Lastly, my HP-48SX symbolizes success. With its assistance, I feel I can conquer any problem. Its functions gives me the capability to do so. Also, I can check my current success by accessing the grades I hold in memory. I feel that as long as I have and use my HP-48SX Scientific Expandable calculator I will never fail.

I examined my calculator with a focus on academics. Many other students did not interpret their artifacts in the same terms. Alicia Moyer wrote on a turkey sandwich and the practical and recreational aspects of it. She considers her sandwich not only a meal, but also a "work of art," as well as a mental break from her schoolwork. Her artifact study is another example of one done on a utilitarian object but with a slightly different focus.

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