Guy Kawasaki's 'The Art Of The Start'

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How can you start a company and by which steps you will follow if you were one of the entrepreneurs in the modern societies? As the competition in job-hunting market is much more intensive than ever before, there are an increasing number of students want to start their own business when they graduate from universities. However, due to the lack of essential knowledge and experience of startup, many entrepreneurs have no idea on how to begin a business, and they are trapped in their half-way of adventure. In the lecture named “The art of the start” in the University of Stanford, Guy Kawasaki who is the former chief evangelist of Apple, comes up with some good tips of founding a new company for students who have the drive to become entrepreneurs such as making meaning, finding business partners, …show more content…

Second, Kawasaki highly recommends entrepreneurs to make a short mantra, containing three to four words, because it is impossible to remember a long mission statement for their employees. Besides, according to what Kawasaki said, there are three points for taking actions. To begin with, you should think differently than others, and do not be afraid of being a polarizing person, because you cannot make everyone like what you do. The last point is finding a few soul mates that can pick you up and give you a warm hug when you fall down. Additionally, Kawasaki also explains how to define a business model. Firstly, you should recognize accurately the specific person buying your products or services, namely the potential customers. And keeping the business model simply is vital, because a unique and complicated model can shake your determination of continuing carrying out the model. Finally, when you come up with a new model, it is a wise choice to ask others for constructive advice. Furthermore, Kawasaki emphasizes that people should weave a “mat”, which stands for milestones,

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