Guns Are Best Controlled By Good Aim

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Guns, like many other issues of the day, have two distinct opposing views with many people in the gray area. Even when looking at a tragic situation, people will have two opposite spins on it. For example, a suicidal madman on top of the Empire State Building kills six people including himself with a gun. Gun-control advocates think that outlawing guns would have stopped the killing from ever happening. Pro-gun advocates think that it would have been stopped by innocent people being armed and fighting back. In order for an issue to even be at hand, both sides must agree that there is a problem with guns and gun control. Both gun-control and pro-gun advocates do agree there is a problem, pro-gunners say it is too hard to own a gun and the gun-controllers say it is too easy to get a gun. While using a point-counterpoint style to argue against gun control I will show guns are best controlled by good aim. The government must keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals and the mentally ill, and they must not limit the rest of the society from owning them.

Gun control advocates will argue that gun ownership is not a right and is not protected by the 2nd amendment. They further believe guns are harmful to society. Gun control advocates also believe guns are not needed for self-defense. Gun-controllers use points such as: the constitution, specifically the 2nd amendment, hunting and gun related assaults to try to prove their point. Some of their arguments are based in emotions and only have significance in the specific case they are trying to illustrate.

When a high school aged boy kills a teacher, two students and then injures one other what should we do? According to gun-control advocate, we must make it impossible for kids like him to get their hands on a gun. Their number one goal is to make personal use or ownership of guns to be viewed as wrong. This is a typical emotional argument that the citizen of the United Sates citizen are bombarded with in the media. They want all guns in the United States to be outlawed, confiscated and destroyed.

In order to stop gun violence and approximately 38,500 gun related deaths each year we, society, must choose to wipe out the easy accessibility of guns. In order to prove this to the Americans who believe the second amendment gives them a right to own a gun, anti-gunners must ...

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