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  • Analysis of Armed Conflict

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    timeline leading up to the present day, including any significant turning points that have either escalated or reduced the conflict. We may go back many years, but this is useful to get an overview. Note to trainer: If it is a very long and protracted armed conflict, it may be useful just to do the timeline for the current phase of the conflict. Learning Activity: Time... Visual Aid 5-2: History Timeline Handout 5b: History Timeline Divide trainees into groups of five. Using a clean piece of

  • A Career in the Armed Forces

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    One of the largest and every growing career fields in the U.S is in the armed forces whether its the Marines,Air Force, Navy, or Army each offer a widespread variety of job opportunities some general and others more specified to a certain career field like medicine or Mechanics. However to first be able to enlist in the armed forces one must take the ASVAP which is a general test covering different areas from math to english to basic knowledge. Every branch has a set score which is the minimum score

  • Integration of Women into the Armed Forces

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    Today's military includes women who train at boot camps, serve on warships and fly combat planes. Women currently represent fifteen percent of military personnel, and their presence is increasing among new recruits, up twenty-five percent in the A ir Force. Among officers and enlisted personnel, fifty five percent, or 107, 733 women report some form of sexual harassment. Recent accusations of sexual misconduct against drill sergeants at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, and a separate case against

  • History Of The Chilean Armed Force

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    the General Bernardo O’Higgins (leader of the nation), thought that was crucial for Chile’s autonomy to found and develop an influential armed force. Therefore, he created in 1818, the Navy School where students learned about the doctrine of war. He also created the first Navy fleet, the Marine Corps, among other entities. During the next century the Chilean armed forces were integrated by a small number of men, only 2,500 men. However, the War of the Pacific changed these numbers; there were conflicts

  • The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

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    The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, or FARC, have been waging a guerilla war against the Columbian government for thirty-eight years. The organization has a Marxist-Socialist ideological base and has been terrorizing Columbia for some time now. The most recent development is Senator Martha Catalina Daniels was shot twice in the head and killed on March 3. Her body and two others were found at the bottom of a ravine about twenty-five miles

  • Armed Forces Internal Controls

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    Internal controls are necessary for any business to function and be successful. This also includes the armed forces. Each branch uses some form of internal controls in daily operations to ensure that there are not casualties of service members or civilians. Daily operations are crucial in the protection of innocent lives. To ensure that civilians are protected service members must ensure they follow all technical orders to perform their jobs correctly and safely. Everything from a service member

  • Australian and American Female Nurses in the Armed Forces

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    the Armed Forces To what extent were Australian and American female nurses treated as professionals in the armed forces? "We have made partners of the women in this war; shall we admit them only to a partnership of suffering and sacrifice and not to a partnership of privilege and right?" U.S President Wilson, September 1918 My research for this essay showed that although there were similarities between American and Australian attitudes towards female nurses serving in their armed forces

  • Institutional Discrimination against Women in the Armed Forces

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    In promoting freedom and equality, democratic countries throughout the world have been recruiting and admitting women into their armed forces. By opening the doors of a highly patriarchal institution to women, governments are said to be upholding gender equity and equality. However, the enlistment of women in the armed forces remains a heated subject of debate and controversy, given that women, across sectors and ranks in the military, continue to experience institutional-based discrimination. The

  • The Effect of Civil and Military Law on Armed Forces Personnel

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    The Effect of Civil and Military Law on Armed Forces Personnel Before I start this report please note, when I refer to the armed forces, I am talking about the Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. Whether you are a house wife or a solicitor, you will always follow the British civil law. For people of the armed forces, they must also follow the civil laws but they will always have to follow military law too. Some soldiers, who are sent to other countries such as Iraq and also

  • Females and Their Struggle Within the Political and Armed Force Community

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    reporting sexual harassment due to the lack of opportunities they have to talk to an individual about such incidents and most importantly their past social behaviours becomes the main point of the investigation. Due to such injustice present within the armed forces, Canadian women choose not to take part in such occupations because they will have to deal with living in a male-dominant community that emotionally, mentally and physically tortures them since they are the opposite gender.