Gun Control in America

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Gun control laws in America have been a long standing issue that is still a problem today. In America it is excessively easier to obtain a gun license than to obtain a driver’s license. Americans who want to obtain a license to drive in the United States must pass a written and a driving test with a government official driving instructor. Some states require a drug and alcohol course before issuing a license to drive.
The same concept should apply for obtaining a gun license. Due to guns licenses not being a test in ability like a driver’s license, obtaining a gun is like being given a deadly device without having to know how to properly control it when in use, or use it properly. This is because the law has not caught up to the social norms and impact it has on the behavior in this culture.
Most people say it is our constitutional right to bear arms. The argument should be made about how to regulate that right, and how to better keep it away from dangerous individuals. America has been in a controversy for many years over gun control.
Some Americans even want to eliminate background checks. This is possibly due to assimilation, or the biasing one’s judgment using background information. If there are too many negative marks on a record than one cannot own a gun, another would be the invasion of privacy for wanting to defend oneself.
The National Instant Criminal Background Check System is a national system that checks available records of people who might be disqualified from receiving firearms. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System is a computerized background check system designed to respond within 30 seconds on most background checks. However keeping in mind the attribution theory, one can only tru...

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