Arguments For Gun Control

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Gun control is one of the hottest issues that has been around in the United States and around the world for decades. During the wake of many tragic shootings, this issue has come up as an important decision opportunity for our country to review its gun laws. Although many people believe firearms are the killing machines, which gun control exists in order to protect innocent people as the way to reduce crimes and brings down people’s death rate; however, guns are also considered as the helpful tool that many other people believe guns are the helpers in a time of crisis when situations have gone bad, and other people are unable to help. One of variety reasons people oppose gun control is because gun control will not prevent gun violence and gun…show more content…
Even though gun can help people to either avoid or defend themselves from risky situation when they meet serious danger which endanger their life, there are some people who use guns in order to commit crimes. In other words, stricter laws on guns will not prevent criminals from buying gun illegally to commit crimes such as killing people or become robbery so they could achieve their purpose. As enacted, the point of gun laws is to make the nation safer by limiting its civilian population’s access to guns. However, laws against murder and violence do not work for those who have given up on their life with the intent of shooting people that they have grudges against. Furthermore, for those who have the intention of dying, they might try to kill as many people as they can before shooting themselves, no matter who the victims are. In other words, gun control law cannot restrain criminals’ actions, as John Lott, a gun rights activist, states, “ The problem with such gun control laws is that they take away guns from law-abiding citizens, while criminals just ignore them.” For example, according to a statistic, in all of sixty- two mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and 2012, there were forty-nine of the shooters used legally obtained guns and one hundred forty- three guns were possessed by the killers with about seventy- five obtained legally (John). Generally, criminals tend…show more content…
Strengthening gun control laws will not prevent murderers from murdering people. While taking guns away from other law-abiding American citizens who keep and use guns for self- defending, it fails to control criminals which lead many innocent people toward death. Gun safety program is one of options that works to give people, especially children, an essential knowledge about gun education. Without gun control, gun owners can still ensure their safety by keeping guns in the right places, keeping eyes on their kids, and using guns when in danger that no other ways will help. Now is the time for us to make liberal, standing and defending for our rights that have stated in the Second Amendment of United States Constitution. At the end, we still have a peaceful and stable country in which gun control has no

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