Guinnevere of the King Arthur Legends

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Guinevere of the King Arthur legends is called the daughter of King Leodegrance. (Britannia) In early Welsh tales she was said to be the daughter of a giant. (Senior 84) She is actually the daughter of a Roman Roman noble. (Britannia) Born in C.AD 490 . (Fords) Guinevere descended from a noble family of romans. (Lace 63) It is true that Guinevere is sexual, that she craves the love of a man who (unlike Arthur) has “A touch of earth.” (MaChan 200) She is also self-centered and small-minded. (MaChan 200) She is occasionally a political pawn in the hands of Modred, other knights, and even Arthur himself. (Guinevere) With the help of Lancelot, she escapes a number of predicaments, including kidnapping by Sir Meliaguant, burning at the stake, and later marriage with her step son. (Guinevere) In Malory she flees after Arthur’s death to Amesbury, where she becomes a nun, as well as “abbess and ruler, as reason would.” (Guinevere)
Guinevere was developed into a major character in the story of Arthur by Chretien. (Lace 63) She is surpassingly beautiful and desirable, if morally lax from the time of the 13th century. (Britannia) She is one of the most beautiful maidens in Britain. (Fords) She became important in the tradition as the wife of King Arthur. (Senior 84) She is often considered the ultimate traitor to King Arthur. (Arthurian Legends) Guinevere also attempts diplomacy. (Arthurian Legends) Guinevere is a complex woman who was frequently at the center of the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table. (Day 112) Guinevere throws a dinner party for the entire Round Table to promote peace among the knights. (Arthurian Legends) Guinevere gives the party partially because she resents Lancelot, who has taken with another woman. (Arthu...

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...ilt and hope for atonement, Guinevere has put aside earthly things and inspires Lancelot to become a monk. (Guinevere)

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