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Many have heard about King Arthur and the legendary castle of Camelot. However, many do not know what really happened. From falling in love with Guinevere to fighting Mordred, this charming tale still intrigues people all over the world today. The story starts with Igraine, Arthur’s future mother accidentally taking Uther, her secret admirer, as Gorlois, her current husband. Igraine conceived as a result and became pregnant with Arthur under Uther. Not long after, Gorlois was slayed and Uther decided to take Igraine as his bride. Since Merlin, the wizard, had helped Uther trick Igraine, Uther promised to hand over his first son if their plan worked. Needless to say, the plan succeeded and Uther fulfilled his promise. Later on, however, Arthur was sent to his foster father, Sir Ector due to constant warfare. He grew up with Ector’s son, Sir Kay not knowing who his real mother and father were. Years past, and it was time for Sir Kay’s first tournament. Arthur forgot to pack Kay’s sword and frantically wandered around in hopes of finding another one. That was when he came upon the sword in the stone. Whoever pulled it out was promised the title as High King. With ease, Arthur pulled the sword out and the news quickly spread. The local kings refused to accept this and a rebellion broke out. Merlin helped King Arthur rule by taking him to the Lady of the Lake. She revealed the Excalibur, a magical sword that guarantees victory over any opponent. Arthur joined in a colossal amount of battles against the local kings and won every single one, earning the respectful title as High King. Arthur married Guinevere and they were given the Round Table as their wedding gift. Then, Arthur recruited all the bravest knights of the country to sit... ... middle of paper ... story evolved into an exaggerated tale that seem more dramatic than how it originated. Fact or fiction? We may never know. However, the wondrous tale of King Arthur and Camelot will be treasured for many centuries to come. Bibliography Secondary Sources Ardrey, Adam. Finding Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend of the Once and Future King. New York: Overlook, 2013. Print. "Britannica School." Britannica School. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014. . "EBK for Kids: King Arthur's Life-Story." EBK for Kids: King Arthur's Life-Story. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2014. . Macleod, Mary, and John W. Hales. The Book of King Arthur and his Noble Knights. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1960. Print. Steele, Philip. The Medieval World. Boston: Kingfisher, 2006. Print.

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