Grimm’s Fairy Tales

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Introduction: Fairy Tales impact not only the lives of adults but also the decision making process for children. Children’s sense of justice begins at a young age, when they are greatly influenced by their environment. Listening, and interacting with their parental figures changes their perspective on practically everything. When a child is read a fairy tale, he/she is encouraged to do the right thing, and is rewarded in the end while the evil is defeated. I’ve chosen to do my paper on Fairy Tales to enlighten others of the significance it plays in a child’s life. It not only inspires an ‘out-of-box’ thinking, but also creativity and imagination. Creativity and imagination inspires me to write this paper to influence those who do not read Fairy Tales to give it a shot. Fairy Tales are one of the few genres that children keep their attention when told. This inspires me to continue on typing this paper because it may affect parents’ perspective on well-known children read genres. The Search – RECAP: The journey began when my teacher, Mr. Boardman announced that we are going to do an “I-Search paper” on one of the 3 topics of your liking; Fables, Folktales, and last but not least, Fairy Tales. From there we proceeded towards the Library to research our chosen topic. I chose Fairy Tales because it contained both the context of Fables, and Folktales. Fairy Tales provide a sense of morality, which plays a major role on a child’s life, and also a magical element which inspires imagination and creativity. While researching this topic, my adventure was filled with joyous moments of re-reading stories that I’ve heard as a child. It not only reinforced my views of right and wrong, but also brought a sense of reality to this selfish worl... ... middle of paper ... ...ntment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales. New York: Vintage Books, 1976. “Children’s Literature.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 2009 Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition 13 November, 2009. Internet. Fairy tale. (n.d.). Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions. Retrieved January 30, 2014, from Internet Holman, C. Hugh, William Harmon, and William Flint Thrall. A Handbook to Literature. New York : Macmillan, 1986. Print Iscove Robert. “Cinderella 1997 – Full Movie.” YouTube. Walk Disney Home Video, 17 July 2012. Web, 21 Jan. 2014. Internet. Morse-Boycott, Desmond Lionel. “Charles Mariott, 1811 – 1858.” Leod, kindle Light : Studies Of the Saints and Heroes of the Oxford movement. Desmond Lionel Morse-Boycott. Centenary 1932-88. Lit finder. Internet. 20 December 2013. Peltrop, Lionel. Personal Interview. 3 January 2014.
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