Greek Gods and Myths

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Greek Gods and Myths

Andromeda is a herm pillar

St. George defeats a dragon = paganism is replaced by Christianity

Perseus travels to the axis mundi (which is always a narrow passageway)

He attends Hippodameias marriage where he uses the gorgon head (transmutation of Athena) and changes

the dinner guests into stone (herm pillars)

He changes the whole nature of Mycenae of the Old Minoan tradition into the age of Zeus

The meaning of Mycenae is changed to mushroom, from what it had once been named after the sisterhood

The liminal hero has moved forward to Zeus role

Another story of Perseus (backwards version)


His dads name is Proitos, and moms name is Strong Cow (Queen)

Proitoss daughters are named as the sisterhood of Proitides

The Proitides start itching because of the oestral cycle and they become cows

They encounter Perseus and tear him to pieces

Another Perseus


His name is Bellerophon, which means killer of Belleros

He also rides on Pegasus just like Perseus

He comes to Strong Cows city

Strong cow gets the oestral itch and falls madly in love with Bellerophon

He keeps away from her

The queen lies to her husband Proitus and says that Bellerophon had raped her

Proitus gives Bellerophon a letter that tells him to go to Africa=underworld

Bellerophon goes to Africa and then is sent on a mission to find a deadly beast named Chimaera that is

composed of a lion with a tail of a serpent.

He is successful in finding the Chimaera.

And during his mission he sleeps with many women from the underworld.

While riding on Pegasus, Pegasus smells the mares on heat on Mt. Olympus and rushes to get there.

Bellerophon falls from Pegasus and is maimed.

He wanders in the midst of Asia.

Hercules (in Greek= Herakles)


If one is moving towards and Olympian identity, they should leave behind their physicality.

Herakles gets his name from Hera, sinister name named after the goddess.

The false atamology of the name means killer of Hera, or the great queens finger guy.

He leans on a pillar and is the pillar guy of the goddess.

He is associated with the entheogen of the club=the trunk of the olive tree; lion skin; archery =toxins; and

cup of wine



He is the one who greets you when you come to the underworld.

He is an African who has a close association with mother earth, and is chthonic.
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