The Pros And Cons Of Texting While Driving

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The number of cell phone users has grown drastically in recent years. In fact, many people have become so fond of these devices that they use their phones even while they should be directing their attention at the road. Based on a 2005 study conducted with Australian motorists, drivers who play around with their cell phones are four times more likely to become involved in a serious accident than those that were not distracted by a phone (“Cell Phone Use Distracts Drivers”). Obviously, then, people are jeopardizing their own well-being as well as the safety of others when they choose to drive while on the cell phone. With so many people owning cell phones these days, society can no longer ignore this problem, and people must act to address this…show more content…
These laws would make it illegal to text and drive and impose penalties, such as fines, for those caught engaging in this activity. Some states have already passed such legislation. In Maryland, for instance, people can receive a ticket that costs up to $500 if they choose to text while behind the wheel (“Texting While Driving: Should the Government Ban Texting While Driving?”). Knowing this will cost them money, people may think twice before they decide to text and drive, and fewer drivers will engage in this risky activity. Since sending and reading messages is the most dangerous distraction posed by cell phones, this type of legislation alone will go a long way in making the roads safer for everyone by reducing the number of texting motorists. Although rules that regulate driver’s use of mobile phones might deter some from playing with these devices while driving, it most certainly will not stop everyone from messing with their phones when they should be focusing their attention on the…show more content…
With newer vehicles, drivers can listen to phone calls through the car’s stereo and they can make and receive phone calls without ever touching their phones thanks to Bluetooth technology (“Cell Phone Use Distracts Drivers”). Additionally, individuals that do not have access to Bluetooth can use special headsets, which will free up their hands, to talk on the phone. As a result, motorists, who use this, will not be fumbling with their phones or taking their eyes off the road to look at these devices. This fact alone will reduce drivers’ odds of causing an accident and will make the freeways safer for society. However, chatting on the phone can still be distracting enough to cause accidents. Thus, people should try to keep phone conversations in the car to a minimal and should not become too dependent on hands-free
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