Greed In Hsun Tzu's Nature Is Evil?

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Greed is the extreme or excessive desire to have more than what is necessary. In order for one to better understand the meaning of greed, one must also know the definitions of excessive and necessary. Excessive is more than what is necessary. Necessary is the basic requirements of life which can range depending on the needs of the individual. Greed is not part of human nature but the search for pleasure is. Pleasure is feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment. The search for pleasure and avoidance of pain is shared by all living things that have this ability. Greed has not always been a part of human life; it came about during the development of social class and is now the principal factor driving individuals to climb to the top of…show more content…
Feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment are natural. They are feelings that can be universally categorized as “pleasurable”. In Hsun Tzu’s Man’s Nature is Evil he states “Man is born with the desires of the eyes and ears, with a fondness of beautiful sights and sounds.” The natural search for pleasure is what makes our species not only human, but simply living. The pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain is shared by all living things that have this ability. Human beings find pleasure by profiting in one way or another. When people buy an extravagant house, a new pet, an expensive car, or some other form of unnecessary luxury, they find pleasure in having ownership of their new item. Under capitalism, people learn that money can buy almost anything. The more money individuals tend to make, the more belongings they can attain to satisfy themselves, even if their feelings of pleasure are only…show more content…
This belief is inaccurate because man’s natural competitiveness has nothing to do with greed; it is due to Darwin’s ancient law of “survival of the fittest.” This law postulates that those who are eliminated in the struggle for survival are the unfit. The drive for men to be better than those around them dates all the way back to the very beginnings of mankind. The man who was more able to provide for his family was the one who ended up with his desired mate. Women were naturally attracted to men that could better ensure the survival of their children. The more skilled the man was, the more shelter he could provide and the more food he could bring home to feed his family. This is what allowed his genes to be passed down through generations. In today’s world, men still have a natural desire to be more accomplished than those around them. Men know that the more money they make, the more likely their family is to survive and maintain their social ranking. Women are naturally attracted to wealthier men because of this. It is basic human instinct (not greed) that drives humans to be more superior to those around

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