Gray Wolf Essay

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Wolves Research Paper (3rd)
The gray wolf is the biggest member of the canine family. Their fur color varies from black to all-white or grizzled gray. The gray wolf resembles a German shepherd because it is the ancestor of the domestic dog. (Basic Facts) They eat elk, caribou, moose, and deer. Gray wolves hunt, travel, and live in packs of 4-8 members on average. (Basic Facts) The gray wolf migrated from Asia to North America in the Rancholabrean era about 750,000 years ago. (Wikipedia) They then went on to repopulate and inhabit much of North America. The first humans that ever associated and interacted with gray wolves were the Native Americans.(Thiel) They had a strong relationship with animals and nature because they viewed them as important and sacred aspects of their lives. Some Native American tribes made wolf clans. Myths about the origin of the wolf was popular in Native American culture. Most Native Americans saw wolves as the teacher because it had always been a guide for them spiritually. (Thiel) Native Americans used wolves as a model for hunting other Animals.
When the first European colonists landed in North America in 1608, interaction with wolves was imminent. Before European settlement, about 200,000 wolves lived in North America. (THE WOLF). Early settlers’ agriculture wiped out most food supply for wolves in the west. Wolves were pressured to find food and turned to Domestic livestock instead (United States). This led to early Wolf-Human conflict.Wolves were then hunted throughout North America. Wolves have been depicted in drawings and literature since the colonization of North America. This caused the bad reputation of the species such as the “Big Bad Wolf” both Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little P...

... middle of paper ... of the ecosystem. This would help build a better society and a friendlier environment in the Northern Rockies.
The gray wolf is an American animal that needs to be protected by the federal government.Wolves are an asset to American life. The wolf is a species that characterizes American society. The wolf is a symbolic species to Americans. The wolf relies on teamwork when traveling with a pack, but can also be independent. Wolves are master hunters and exert dominance over their prey. Wolves are amazing creatures that should be admired rather than despised. Wolves can resemble the ideal American. Wolves are smart creatures that were part of North America before Westerners came here. The benefit of the ecosystem and the symbolic effect it has on our future generations is the main reason why wolves should be protected and build a population in the Northern Rockies.
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