Comparing Oceania in 1984 and the USA

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Comparing Oceania in 1984 and the USA This paper will discuss the similarities and differences between the Oceanic society of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and the society of the United States. First I will talk about the similarities and then I will finish off with the differences, all of which will be based on factual information that I have gathered both, from the book and the mainstream media. Then I will finish by coming to a conclusion to an opinion I have and whether the government systems are more similar or different. In order to do so, I had to ask myself some important questions like: Is the telescreen in the book the same as the cameras at work watching us or the satellites the government has in space that can see you move about in your home or record your vehicles license plates? Is this just a mere coincidence or is the story a true telling of what has and is to come in the future? There are things in the book that will not be exactly as something that we have in our country today though it might serve the same purpose and they will be defined through logic and simple explanations. The three most obvious similarities that I will talk about are the classes differences, the slogan ?War is Piece? and the fact that even though with different intensity, both governments have their hands and control in every aspect of society?s life. The three differences that I will write about are the legal systems of the societies, the privacy people have or don?t have and love and emotions between people. The first similarity I would like to discuss is the different classes of people. In the Oceanic society Orwell explained that there were three classes of citizens: the Inner Party members like O?Brien, who had all the power, the Outer Party members like Winston and Julia, who worked for the government in one of the four Ministries and the ?proles? the so-called lower class people who did not actually qualify to belong to the Inner or Outer Party. These people were put on the same level with animals. The similarities that I see in our society are that we also have three different classes of people. We have the Upper Class which are Senators and Generals who can basically do as they please and get what they want, then we have the Middle Class which are people who work for other people or for the government, people who have to work hard to reach near the ... ... middle of paper ... ...e government does not interfere in sex and eroticism between two consenting adults. They also do not interfere in marriage of an adult male and female. Although the United States government refuses to recognize same sex marriages, they do not charge a couple that have a marriage with a partner of the same sex. The United States also promotes families supporting each other and does not get involved in family matters. The United States government would only get involved in these matters if there were crimes committed, such as sex with minors, domestic violence against your husband or wife, marrying more then one partner, or cases of fraud. In conclusion I want to say that there are many more similarities and differences between the two societies. In general I think that our society today does not really resembles the society of Oceania, even though in my opinion I believe that they may someday be equal in techniques and policies. The government and its duty changes every day and I think that they are taking more and more control over people?s lives. This is why we should be careful and take part in the development of our great nation no matter how small the contribution may be.

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