Graffiti Graffiti And Vandalism

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In November 2013, at an auction in New York City, the painting “Two women in the woods” by Vincent Van Gogh, a famous Dutch artist in expressionism and impressionism, was sold at the price of $689.000 (Lot: 17 VINCENT VAN GOGH, 2013; Van Gogh, 2008). Besides, “Silent Majority”, a painting by Banksy, an English graffiti artist, was brought to the auction in Paris and its recent price has reached £445792, which is roughly at $676000 (Banksy, 2014; Banksy 's Silent Majority fetches more than £445k in Paris, 2015). As they are clearly seen, the prices for the two paintings are about the same, which is interesting because one is obviously a well-known artist all over the world, whereas the other one is known for his graffiti paintings, which is…show more content…
First, what is graffiti? Graffiti, which is originally an Italian word meaning “little scribblings”, describes paintings on the walls, benches or buildings, mostly by spraying colors (Pipkin, 2013; Wendel, 2002). On the other hand, according to Mccorkle (2010), any acts or behaviors that have the intention to harm, to violate or to destruct the public privacy is considered as vandalism. Graffiti sometimes is reflected as vandalism due to the fact that it is a combination of random paintings on the walls or the façade of the buildings all around the city. Moreover, there is also a greater chance in increasing “cultural criminality” (Halsey & Young, 2002, p.166). Nevertheless, a plethora of positive feedbacks about graffiti increasing day by day suggests that graffiti should be considered as a type of street art instead of…show more content…
It is true that graffiti is drawn without any permission, which is considered as an illegal act, especially because the artists draw their paintings on public works. Therefore, there might be some similarities between graffiti and vandalism. Nevertheless, in specific, they differentiate each other. The purpose of the graffiti artists is to bring to the community his or her imagination and creativity with meaningful demonstrations, which is also the role of art in life (David, 2005). As a result, graffiti is a type of art. It has its deep meaning rather than being superficial; it has the enthusiasm artists, who have the desire to illustrate their talent, their ingenuity and their perspectives to the community whereas vandalism is the act of unconscious thinking, which involves in having the intention of damaging and aggressive behaviors onto public

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