Graffiti Vs Graffiti Essay

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The majority of people if asked, would not be able make any distinction between street art and graffiti art. Though in reality they are actually quite different; Graffiti writing and street art are often confused with one another. They both display their work out in the open instead of in a gallery. Though, graffiti artists display their work publicly, they are really only concerned with relating to other graffiti artists; rather than the general public. On the other hand, street artists just want to catch the attention of the general public by making a statement with their art. Although street art and graffiti art seem very similar, upon closer examination the differences in technique, function, culture, and intent are revealed (Weisburg.)…show more content…
‘“Graffiti (sgraffiti), meaning drawings or scribblings on a flat surface and deriving from the Italian sgraffio (‘scratch’), with a nod to the Greek graphein (‘to write’), originally referred to those marks found on ancient Roman architecture”’(Weisburg). Though, it is unknown when or where graffiti first made an appearance; modern graffiti did not come around till the late 1960’s to early 1970’s in New York. The term “tagging” is the modern form of scratching (Weisburg). It also is considered the origin of all modern graffiti, including street art. Street art is understood to be a subculture of graffiti, but cannot be simply defined as one form (Hughs). “Street art, originally coined by Allan Schwartzman in 1985 (Lewisohn, 2008), is an all encompassing varied artistic expression against an urban backdrop,…show more content…
With in graffiti there four main types: tagging, bombing, writing, and scratching. Tagging is when a graffiti artist puts their nickname in a personalized signature that all graffiti artists have. Bombing is basically just tagging as many times as you can in a specific area. Writing is when a graffiti artist paints graffiti lettering in different styles, to name a few: bubble, throw up, 3D, character, wild, blockbusters, and electical. Graffiti is usually posted illegally, so the artist has to come in quickly and neatly create their “tag,” then leave the scene in order to not get caught. Conversely, street art is usually created legally, so inturn, street artists have more time to do more with their art, which allows for a wider range of types of street art- this includes, painting, stencil painting, stickers, wheatpasting, sculpture installations, mosaics, chalk art, and even video projection. Though doing it illegally is still risky, with stenciling, stickers, and wheatpasting, the artists can create their design at home, and then quickly apply it once the get to the desired location. The fact that graffiti artists have to create entirely on the spot and try to get away with it also explains the differences in the culture and ideology between graffiti and street

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