Graduation Speech : My Life

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My life hasn’t been all rainbrows and sunshine, I 've struggled and clawed my way to be where I am at right now. It wasn’t the ideal situation I wanted to be caught up in, but in the end it just proves that the bigger the struggle is, a better outcome will come. Everything started at the end of 2014, where my struggle truly began, and when I overcame all of it.
‘Finally graduation time,’ I thought to myself while I was in my math class, as I was in my own little world while the teacher was talking about the final and graduation lines. But as uninterested as I was, I started to go deeper into my thoughts, nervously, I started worrying about my math AIMS since I didn’t pass that portion of the test last year. With just one test my whole High School career would be a flop, I need to pass all my classes with at least a D or better in order for that to be excused. I sighed in relief, trying to avoid getting too deep into the thought of not graduating, thinking I had everything planned relieved some stress and anxiety away. “Here”, getting interrupted in my thoughts, I saw my classmate handing back the final, it took me a minute to respond when I finally said “thank you” with a smile, taking the paper and placing it on my cold desk.
Walking to the guidance counselor with a million thoughts in my head wasn’t exactly the feeling I was hoping for, the halls were empty, everyone was in class, and it was quite and peaceful. The door creaked as I opened the office door, I signed in and waited to be called in by the guidance counselor; I started to look around trying to quiet my racing mind and relax my nerves. Seconds turn to minutes and minutes turn to a great deal of anxiety, ‘God what is taking this lady so long, I know she’s not doing any...

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...d to go to New Jersey, I think it’s best for now”. I looked at her, her bright blue eyes, and her concerned look on her face, she was worried and sad, I got angry and said “stop, we’ll find something and I don’t even want to go to Jersey”. The next couple of months turned into the best months ever, we found an ideal apartment called the Cimarron, and it had the best ratings out of all the ones we looked at. More good news, my counselor even called and said I was eligible to graduate! Plus, as a bonus, I got called for the job at UPS. Everything came together with patience and hard work, I was so close to giving up and calling it a day, but with everything now coming together and falling into place it really pushed me to do further things in life now like going to college. As a person, I furthered myself and exceeded expectations -- which is all that I ever wanted.

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