Graduate School: Parallel Computing

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Even as a young kid I was always fascinated by computers. I remember watching for hours as my father worked on our first personal computer, waiting for a moment when I would be allowed to play around with it. And when I was given controls, even for a short time, I was thoroughly excited. I was very fortunate that my father allowed me to experiment with our computer. In no time I was helping my father when he got stuck with computers. Since then I have never been able to quench my thirst for knowledge about computers.
I have always loved solving math and logic questions. Even during school years I was always looking for opportunities where I could pursue math escaping from subjects like history and social sciences. I used to enjoy solving various puzzles as a child. I never missed a chance to participate in math and science contests. I also participated actively in other contests such as debates and singing. As a child I was never restricted in my opinion and my father used to encourage me to think out of the box. Even at my home I used to enjoy performing various experiments from various science kits I was gifted over the years. I had a small table in my room where I kept test tubes, burners, electricity boards and many other things with which I used to experiment. I proudly called that small section of my room my “lab”. Sometimes when experiment burnt or destroyed something or set something on fire, I had to face my anger of my parents. But it never deterred me from trying something new next time.
I came in touch with my first programing language when I studied “Logo” language in my primary school. I was fascinated by its power and whenever I got free time I was constructing some amazing figures with it. But I understood r...

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...ed my own rules for NP extraction which could fulfill the needs of the company.
Going to graduate school is necessary for me to pursue higher research. Though I have demonstrated that I am a resolute and talented student, in order to become a better researcher I need additional training. I feel I should integrate knowledge in autonomous cars, my grid computing project and some experience into machine learning into a single directed research. According to me University of California, Berkeley with its top quality research support and excellent research faculty, would provide me with this opportunity which I lacked in my undergraduate. Moreover I can come in contact with people from different countries that have similar interests like me and would like to collaborate with me. I believe my research at UCB would contribute towards making world a better place to live.
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