Gothic Architecture

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I am very glad that this work is dedicated to Gothic Architecture. However strange it may sound; I am passionate about Gothic art since childhood. I grew up in Riga, on the shore of the Baltic Sea, in the atmosphere of mysterious charm of the ancient city where every street, building and numerous churches and cathedrals preserved the memory of a dark and magical world of the Middle Ages. My mother worked as a tour guide with the groups from all over the world. She used to take me on her excursions in the old part of a town. It was an unforgettable experience of my life. Sometimes, I just close my eyes and see myself, a seven-year boy, standing in a large group of tourists and listening to my mother's expressive voice, “the walls of old buildings just seem indifferent and silent. Each stone has a soul and memory. Just take a look at these ancient walls, touch them, and lend your ear to their amazing stories of the miracle of bygone days.” The medieval architecture has had a place in my heart ever since. At the beginning of its appearance, architecture was not yet a “frozen music” , as defined it much later Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The origins of architecture dates back a few thousand years, when people began to build their first dwellings. It was necessary for protection the inhabitants from bad weather, wild animals, and enemies. Respectively, a top priority was not aesthetics of a building, but its safety. In this regard, I would like to recall the work by Marcus Vitruvius, the famous Ancient Roman architect, “Ten Books on Architecture”, written in approximately 20-30 BC. Vitruvius believed that an architect should focus on three central themes when preparing a design for a building: firmitas (strength), utilitas (f... ... middle of paper ... ...rg/usa/jhhopkins/gothic1836/ Web 16 Nov 2013 Levin, David. Sacred Architecture. Posted 10.21.10. NOVA. 10 Nov 2013 Web 16 Nov 2013 Web 16 Nov 2013 Web 05 Nov 2013 Web 16 Nov 2013 Web 10 Nov 2013 Web 17 Nov 2013 Web 16 2013 Web 16 Nov 2013

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