Glory Land And Plunder In The American Empire

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Throughout history many empires sought predominantly glory, land and plunder, with these factors often causing the rise of empire. However, this was not the case in the American Empire. The American Empire did pursue glory land and plunder at different times throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries; however, unlike many other Empires these were not sought in an explicit attempt to expand the empire, nor were they pursued in the same imperialistic manner as other empires. Rather, it was the United States’ vision of independence from British rule and liberty that above all caused the rise of the American Empire.

Throughout history, the pursuit of glory, land and plunder have often been the driving factors of empire, with many empires,
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Until 1871, the American government generally interacted with Native Americans using relatively peaceful treaties, which often regarded them as a “subdued people [who] depend upon [America] for their preservation”, while still allowing them a basic right to their land. However, in the early 1800s Native Americans were forced to the outskirts of their land by settlers, and with the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, under the 1830 Indian Removal Act enforced, no longer peaceful treaties, on the Native American people, which invalidated Native American’s right to land and forced them to move into areas largely unpopulated by other people. Moreover, in 1851 the Native Americans were, often violently, forced to live on fenced land that was of no ancestral value to them, away from the white settlers, with thousands dying on the way there. Despite this internal plunder enforced onto the Native American people, the violent discrimination was not actually used to expand or raise the American Empire, because the land was already obtained by the British, French and Dutch and given to America. It is because of these reasons that it is clear that although the American Empire sought glory, land and plunder, these factors did not…show more content…
However, America’s pursuit of glory, land and plunder was not used in the same manner as other empires, and, overall, did not contribute to the rise of its empire. After its independence from Britain, the American government actively planned the principles on which the Empire would be based, forming a strong ideology of liberty for all men, regardless of class. It was this strong independent ideology that ultimately resulted in the country’s economic and military expansion. This is why, through analysis of sources, it is evident that the American Empire’s pursuit of independence and liberty was above all the cause of its

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