Globalization Has Undermined The Power Of The Nation State

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In recent decades, globalization has become a trend though hundreds nations around the world. Generally, globalization refers to trend of countries joining together in alliances or unions to support each other in many aspects such as politics, economy, education, and even military (Burbules & Torres, n.d.). While globalization brings a huge package of advantages to many nations and states, it would be fair to recognize a long list of disadvantages from this trend. In my opinion, one of the most significant problem is globalization has undermined the power of the nation state. This essay is going to explain the definition of globalization, analyzes the impacts of this trend on political aspects, and discuss how globalization has undermined the power of the nation state. In the first words, globalization can be defined as the movement of countries to the world-wide interconnectedness in different aspects from as simple as trading to complicated education exchange programs. It happens as a result from the expansion of nation companies to the multinational level and the extensive cultural exchange (BBC, n.d.). The definition above of globalization is only a general term of globalization. In addition, there are many interpretation of specific kinds of globalization such as economic globalization, or political globalization. Particularly, political globalization means governmental actions nowadays have upgraded to a global level, where a number of countries join together in a union to create and share some policies and also make important decisions (Greenaway & Nelson, 2008). The existence of European Union (EU), the United Nations (UNs) are a few clear examples about alliances among nations. On the other hand, political globalization i... ... middle of paper ... ... decision by themselves. However, most of the decisions made were affected by other big countries in the alliances they joined. In conclusion, globalization has been escalating and processing quickly in the world nowadays. Besides the advantages it offer, there are still a lot of drawbacks for the countries that take part in this process. It has brought a huge pack of benefits to the economies of hundreds countries. Nonetheless, globalization has undermined the power of nation state by the ways which both government and citizens of any countries may be aware off. Therefore, every country should prepare resolutions to prevent the disadvantages from globalization to harm the politics as well as the power of the countries. In the last words, globalization is a good trend for the world if people acknowledge its imperfections and fix it before it damages the nations. .
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