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Urbanization in the 20th century revolves around globalization. This is the link to developments of the 20th century with historical urbanization. The development of urban space and city dwellers depends on the different ways that Americans regulate their cities. Globalization refers to the process of integrating of countries across the world. The process of globalization is accelerated by the dynamic nature of technology, change in price, and liberalization of trade makes it easier for countries to merge their trade rules, minimizing competition. The countries of transition show integration of the global economy as characterized in specific regions. The concept of globalization is complex and controversial happening over time. The growth of globalization over the year’s takes time as numerous features requires the global economic integration. Globalization ensures internalization of the products produced by different countries. The use of globalization in business aids in securing changes in production structure. In the end, the business entities make links with the deepening of capital in international flows. The process of globalization is a process that is likely to be reversed (Datel 125).
Countries have alternatives to work with policies that govern different regions and countries during business interaction. Countries adopt globalization as a forceful process that is unlikely to be changed. The future of globalization largely depends on the alternatives provided by regions and countries in the context of performing international business. In spite the differences experienced in the world, globalization provides a platform for integration of different cultures.
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The current human setting is more integrated that any civilization in history. In the age where technology is dynamic, the growth of globalization exhibits in capitalism, unique markets and mass media. Globalization and identity largely depends on the political environment exhibiting across countries. The aim of identity politics is to restore the traditional methods of handling aspects of propagation. It is the definition of restoration of national and ethnic identities. The emergence of globalization has influenced populations differently across the world. The concept of globalization has increased in popularity, losing its meaning. The concept of globalization is to maintain a sociocultural process that makes distance irrelevant. It links the concept of interaction with political, cultural, economical as equal concepts of maintaining ethical relations.
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