Global Warming: Today's Grand Hoax

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We live at a period in time were natural disasters have become a current event in our world. The Earth’s climate is changing, the culprit, global warming. This is what popular media has guided us to believe. What causes global warming, “we do, with the emissions of carbon dioxide we produced”, claimed by the noble prize winning movie, The 11th Hour. Although in reality the Earth’s climate has gone through spikes in climate changes for centuries. Global warming has been turned into a symbolic gesture to gain support and money for those involved.

“Continue to contaminate your bed, and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.” (Seattle, 732) The theory of global warming is said to be, the pollutants humans emit through daily activities, which produce a greenhouse effect. These green house gasses create a barrier, which traps heat produced by our sun in the earth’s atmosphere. “The most plentiful human-generated greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, released by the burning of fossil fuels.”(Global Warming 2001). The growth in population and mass industrialization have put Mother Nature to her knees, begging for the cooperation of human kind and nature to compromise a fair balance of existence. If global warming continues “Planet earth will turn into our sister planet Venus and temperatures will rise to 250 degrees. We are killing it for future generations to come, and eventually it will be too late for anything to be done. We are leaders that are misleading” (11th hour).

Also the effects of global warming aren’t only affecting the way humans live, but also the earth’s biosphere; plants, wild life, and the earth’s soil. As Bill McKibben states in his short essay:

In the Arctic, polar bears are 20 percent scrawnier than th...

... middle of paper ... the sun that’s to blame”. Sep. 2004

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