Global Warming

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Today, scientist argue over the consequences of global warming. Scientist say that the

heating of the atmosphere can influence many health problems. Some of the related

problems due to global warming are death to heat waves and other climate changes, and

infectious diseases. With the atmosphere temperature rising, we all will be at risk. The

climate not only harms our bodies, it can also harm our crops and waters.

Floods and droughts associated with global warming can undermine our health in

other ways. The heat that is produced can damage our crops. The temperature will allow

our crops to be infected with diseases and infestations such as pests and weeds. By

destroying our crops, this can lead to malnutrition world wide. With the weather being so

intense, this can alter our water cycles. With the extra water condensing, this will lead to larger downpours. While the oceans are heating, so is the land. If the land heats up, dry areas can become highly perched. When parching enlarges, the pressure gradients can cause winds to develop, leading to turbulent winds, tornadoes, and other powerful storms. With altered pressure, global warming can affect where storms, floods, and droughts occur. Another way climate change can affect human health is climate change in the ecosystem.

Ecosystem upheaval is one of the most profound ways in which climate change can

effect human health. Pest control is one of nature’s underappreciated services to people. Well-fun...
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