Global Warming

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Global Warming is an increase in the average temperature around the world. Scientists have been able to trace the global climate and concluded that over the last ten thousand years, the climate of the earth has been relatively constant. In the twentieth century, the global temperature increased 0.740°C. The change in the warming, and cooling, of average global temperatures cause climate change, a change related to climate patterns such as temperatures, rainfall, wind and humidity. This flux in temperature is affected by multiple factors making it hard to determine the true source of problem. Evidence supports that the earth's warming is natural; however, some data indicates that the warming trend has increased due to human activity.

Global Warming due to Human Activity

Every day human activity has negative effects on the environment. The burning of fossil fuels has released large concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Developing countries such as China and developed countries such as the United States (US) are consuming more fossil fuel, thus releasing more CO2 from their admissions (Vital Signs 42). This released CO2 is more evident in urban areas. Many activities such as driving, using gas stoves, and burning coal release different type of gases known as greenhouse gasses. A greenhouse gas is a gas that retains heat in the atmosphere and helps warm the earth's temperature, which is known as the greenhouse effect. The heat is retained because the gasses stop the earth's heat from being released into space. According to Mary E. Williams, editor of Writing the Critical Essay Global Warming: “CO2 concentrations are higher than they have ever been at any time.... The IPCC concluded in 2001 ...

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