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Global Warming Timothy Chan What is Global Warming? Global warming is the increase of earth’s average surface temperature. Over the last century, the average global surface temperature has increased by more than one degrees Fahrenheit, while the twelve warmest years ever recorded have all taken place after 1998 as seen on the graph below ("Global Warming: Confronting the Realities of Climate Change"). There is a clear indication that earths surface temperature is rising. There are many consequences of global warming. The ice caps are melting, this is ruining habitats and endangering many animals that rely on the ice caps as well as causing a massive rise in the sea-level. Over the past hundred years, sea-levels have risen by 4-8 inches. This could potentially harm coastal regions such as the Netherlands or the Gulf of Mexico. Another consequence of global warming is the forming of deadly weather patterns. Warmer oceans pump more energy into storms which could make them stronger and more deadly. While risks of droughts are also increasing due to greater evaporation, which could lead to many wildfires (“Consequences of Global Warming”). Therefore it is important to keep global warming at a minimum in order to make the world a safer place. Image 1: A graph that shows the average global temperatures from 1880-2010 The Greenhouse Effect Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are essential as they trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere which helps keep the earth warm. The main sources of greenhouse gases are due to the releases of carbon dioxide, methane, and Nitrous (“The Greenhouse Effect”). Humans produce greenhouse gases in many everyday activities such as driving and using electricity. However releasing too m... ... middle of paper ... ...g could also happen to many beaches. The higher sea level will reduce the space on the beach, meaning less people will visit the beaches while many seaside restaurants could struggle economically. While some beaches could even disappear forever (“Recreation”). Image 6: A melting ski resort that could be damaging economically Conclusion Global warming could be extremely harmful for our earth and could potentially lead to the extinction of the human race. It is mainly caused by the release of greenhouse gases and deforestation is also contributing to the warming of our earth. Global warming is already starting to kick in, crops are beginning to dry out and weather patterns are changing, while global warming could also cause many people and big companies to struggle financially. People should be made aware of this problem and we should try avoid using fossil fuels.
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