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The debate on the issue of Global Warming is fiery hot. There are many skeptics who do not believe in the existence of Global Warming. However, there is validity in the theory that Global Warming is real. The fact is that Global Warming is real and it is here. There is more than enough evidence to assure the existence and the disastrous effects of Global Warming. The Earth and its inhabitants continue to suffer the consequences every day. There are critics which try their hardest to deny the fact that Global Warming is a true issue to be concerned about. However, those skeptics are going to feel the heat eventually, for they are playing with fire.
According to Mark Hendrickson, a writer for Forbes Magazine, Global Warming can be considered either a hoax, or the crime of the century. He came the conclusion, that if there was a global project to reduce the production of Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas believed to have made a large contribution to Global Warming, it would be a planetary cost which could reach up to $552 trillion. Even with the global reduction of production, it would merely take off a couple hundredths of a degree off of the global temperature. He claims that the idea is “…worse than insane; it’s criminal” and that it is “…the ugly truth about what potentially could be the crime of the century.” Although he creates an extremely convincing argument, however he cannot see the overall benefits of such a project. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere act like a mirror that reflects the heat back down to Earth (Cause 2). This means that reducing the amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will not immediately reduce global temperatures, but it will prevent increase in the global temperature for the years to come. Also, r...

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