Global Thermostat Case Study

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Forbes KPMG voice Capturing Carbon According to Mrs. Graciela Chichilnisky, the CEO of global thermostat, there is a solution to our global warming problem, by capturing the CO2 from the atmosphere and use it alternatively to create other products. The idea here is to protect our earth from global warming and by absorbing the carbon emissions, we can reduce the damage to our environment by reversing the process. The carbon gases that we already absorbed can also be used for plastic, synthetic fuel, and beverages. Global Thermostat Overview According to Global Thermostat Overall video, the CO2 is very harmful for our environment and Global Thermostat is able to help our environment by taking in the CO2 from the environment. Carbon dioxide’s products are highly demand resources in this world. Global thermostat will not only help to reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere but it also creating a renewable energy economy, by reusing the carbon dioxide that we are going to release into any other product. It is an advantage for the company to reuse the carbon dioxide, because they can produce more products and receive more money.…show more content…
Peter Eisenberger, the cofounder of Global Thermostat claimed that the idea of the Global Thermostat here is to divert the carbon in the atmosphere into other forms or process where it will not damage our environment. The first thing that we can do is to capture the CO2 from the air then we can use it for things that will not leave any carbon footprint such as fire extinguisher, soda, and dry ice. We can also use CO2 to help the oil mining by squeezing oil from underground. We can also produce a biofuel and biochar we both have carbon negative source of
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