Glengarry Glen Ross

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"Whether it is nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them." No other craftsman has so eloquently put it as Shakespeare. The timeless question has yet to be answered. It is a question explored by more writers and philosophers than any other next to love, which many pose to be the solution. Glengary Glen Ross offers no solution. The problem is life. The struggle is individual. The lack of relationships is troubling. There is no love and in fact there are no female characters. The emotions are greed and animosity, jealousy and disgust. There is no life in this play. The play is unnatural. The characters act in unnatural ways. The lives displayed show no resemblance to nature. There are no natural settings and the movement skips all natural institutions. There are no bathroom breaks or rests, all is work and the life outside the tiny office is not narrated. The men's personalities are not natural. That is why Shakespeare's question, which is extremely unnatural in its composition, is applicable to this play.

In the play there are no signs of life, as we know it. It is filled with empty words. The expletives add to the theme of emptiness. They are empty words. They do not complete thoughts. The characters very seldom complete a sentence. They never complete a deal and the play does not really complete itself. The readers are left wondering about things that might happen. It is incomplete. There is no growth or resolution by any of the characters. Things rearrange in the character's lives but nothing changes. No one is complete or happy. No one has made any substantial gain. There is no satisfaction for the reader. The play is not rewarding but merely a window of a world that has ruined life and is completely incomplete.

The setting in the play all deal with unnatural things. The men are only in two places, either the office or the restaurant. The restaurant is Chinese one at that. Chinese food is very unnatural if inspected. Chicken and other vegetables and such are not naturally in the shape that the Chinese serve them in. Also the setting of a Chinese restaurant invokes thoughts of shrines, Buda's and other statues. There is usually a fountain of some kind that is coming out of marble or stone and is very nonrustic looking.
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