Gifts in The Princess and The Tin Box by James Thurber

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627 words

When I am at King’s Buffet, I always wonder what the interesting sushi tastes like, but I always eat the sweat and sour chicken instead because I don’t know what the sushi tastes like. I always wonder what would happen if I used the shampoo that Heidi Klum advertises but it might make my hair too oily or too dry. So I continue to use the same brand of shampoo for my hair. How can you pass a test if you don’t study before? How can you play in a symphony if you have never learned to play an instrument? How can we expect a shallow and spoiled princess who was raised with money to choose priceless objects over riches? As you grew up, who did you look up to the most? Who had the most influence on you when you made hard decisions? For most of us, it’s our parents. They’re our idols and our role models. We see them as people who don’t make mistakes. As we get older, we do our best to mimic them and we think about what they would have done in our place. In The Princess and The Tin Box by James Thurber, a princess has to make a decision to marry one of five princess based only on what gift th...

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that most of us look up to our parents, who are our role models, as they make hard decisions. in james thurber's the princess and the tin box, a princess chooses one of five princesses based on what gift they give her.
  • Opines that the princess made the wrong choice in choosing the third prince, but she was just mimicking her parents; she wanted to be just as powerful and rich as they are.
  • Opines that thurber leaves them disappointed when the princess chooses the third prince and the platinum box because she will have lots of admirers when she’s married.
  • Opines that this is not the fairy tale ending that they expected. they want the selfless princess to find emotional value in the box and fall in love with the prince who doesn't have a penny to his name.
  • Opines that the princess represents everyone in society: the rich, the poor, and everybody in between. the princess chose the platinum box over the other expensive gifts, but it represents everything the fifth prince can offer.
  • Opines that many of us think the princess made the wrong decision choosing the jewel box instead of the tin box but in truth, she didn't make the right choice.
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