Gideon V. Wainwright Case Study

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Jessica Garcia Rodrigo Sanchez- Camus PSC 12600 April 30, 2014 Gideon v. Wainwright, Corrections Director Facts: Plaintiff, Clarence Earl Gideon was charged in a Florida State court with a noncapital felony for having broken an entry to a poolroom with the intent to commit a misdemeanor. Plaintiff appeared in court without funds and without counsel and asked the court to appoint counsel for him. Plaintiffs request was denied for the reason that the state law permitted appointment of counsel for indigent defendants charged with capital felony cases only. Plaintiff proceeded with the trial representing himself. The jury found Gideon guilty; plaintiff was convicted and sentenced to serve five years in the state prison. After plaintiffs’ conviction, plaintiff filed in the State Supreme court of Florida a habeas corpus petition, being that the trial court refusing to appoint counsel to him violated his Federal Constitution and Bill of Rights. The court without opinion denied relief. The U.S Supreme court granted certiorari, agreeing to hear the case with counsel appointed to the plaintiff...
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