Giant's Causeway

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The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most incredible sites in Ireland. Many myths and theories have been developed to explain its origin, but none of them have proven true. People still argue over how the causeway was formed. Even today the Giant’s Causeway fascinates many people. There are many people that believe the causeway was formed by folklore stories, scientific explanations, or a biblical explanation. The Irish people that live in the area are the ones that tell the folkloric explanation. There are some that even believe that this is the true story. For every legend told, there is always a giant in it, whose name is Finn McCool. One story of him is when he had a brutal rivalry, with a fellow giant named Benandonner. Benandonner lived on the Scottish Island of Staffa. Finn and Benandonner would argue all the time. It is said that Finn even took a large boulder and hurled it across the sea at Benandonner, but he missed. This shows how fierce their hatred for each other really was. Eventually, Finn wanted to face his enemy in battle. He created an enormous rock bridge that led ...

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