Fionn mac Cumhaill Essays

  • Giant's Causeway

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    their bed. Oonagh made clothes and a blanket, while Fionn went to the shed and made a crib out of wood. In the morning, Fionn put on the clothes, got into the crib, and laid the blanket over him. Oonagh heard a knock on the door, it was Angus. She opened the door and Angus barged in the house. He asked, ‘Where is Fionn?’ Oonagh answered, “He went for a walk, but he should be back soon.” Angus didn’t believe her so he looked around for himself. Fionn, from the other side of the room made a baby sounding

  • Giant's Causeway

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    The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most incredible sites in Ireland. Many myths and theories have been developed to explain its origin, but none of them have proven true. People still argue over how the causeway was formed. Even today the Giant’s Causeway fascinates many people. There are many people that believe the causeway was formed by folklore stories, scientific explanations, or a biblical explanation. The Irish people that live in the area are the ones that tell the folkloric explanation.