Ghost Hawk

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782 words

In the beginning, a young boy named Little Hawk and his friend Leaping Turtle had to survive in the winter wilderness. They were given a few tools to use and this test of survival would prove if they have come of age to become men and see their Manitou, a good spirit different in to each person. Little Hawk got his tomahawk, a bow, and a steel knife from his father from bartering with white men. Little Hawk was blindfolded and was guided to a certain location before his father left him to survive isolated from his friends and family. On the first day, he ran into some bad luck when he fell over a steep ledge directly into some menacing thorns and drew blood. Little Hawk was injured, but he still continued on and made a fire and fell asleep under a rock overhang for the night. The next few days, Little Hawk continued to survive, making traps and fishing for food. He did this same routine for the rest of the three months after the traps broke and he got hungry. When he caught an eel, his father’s prized steel knife slid across the icy lake and sunk to the bottom before he could retrieve it. Little Hawk still moved on trying to live and grow throughout the winter. Eventually, his Manitou, a fish hawk, was revealed to Little Hawk and guided him through the rest of the cold, winter months. When Little Hawk came back to his village, most of the people were dead except Suncatcher, his grandmother. They moved into a new village to start a new life with new people until spring. Three years later, Little Hawk and Leaping Turtle were chosen to be runners, messengers to and from the Indian sachem’s village. He noticed two men being crushed by a fallen tree and realized one of them was John Wakeley, an old friend, after pleading for Little Haw...

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...they meet. In the morning, Master Medlycott gave John a horse as an early marriage gift and the couple left to Plymouth to meet John’s parents. They were not happy for marrying the woman though and tried to separate them but failed and John, with Huldah, ran away to the coast. There they were greeted by Yellow Feather, the chief of the Indian sachem, when John saved one of the village children from death on his way to Plymouth before. John and Huldah were granted shelter and they left to settle in with Roger Williams. As time went on, the tension between the Englishmen and the Indians was at its peak. When John wanted his tools back, he traveled to his home, but he was killed by one of King Philip’s warriors and the time period shifted over two centuries. A girl named Rachel met Little Hawk and released his soul by burying his tomahawk under a bitternut hickory tree.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how little hawk and his friend leaping turtle had to survive in the winter wilderness. their manitou, a fish hawk, was revealed to them and guided them through the cold winter months.
  • Narrates how leaping turtle was shocked by the death of little hawk, and how the two englishmen, daniel smith and walter kelly, killed him, disabling him to prove that he was truly a friend.
  • Narrates how john grew up to be taller, stronger, and mature. he met little hawk everyday to learn the pokanoket language and was scolded for his actions.
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