Germany: The Aftermath of World War II

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Germany Post War
World War II caused many problems for Germany. After the war, Germany had to rebuild and clean up many towns as well as perform many tasks instructed by the Allies . Many German citizen's loved ones died causing grievances within the country. The people of Germany wanted to reconstruct there country because it was in ruins. However the Allies split their country making two governments. This split caused many changes in the German government.
Germany was required to take many steps to rebuild after World War II. After the war, during 1949 to 1958 some people immigrated to the United States. These citizens had many worries, but among the worst, was the Allies and the immigrant's security. In order for Allies to not worry, they arrested many German citizens. This caused these individuals the loss of money, food and created unemployment (Background of Post War World War II) .
World War II caused many deaths, including, 500,000 to 2 million people who died because of famine and disease. Another common way to die, at this time, was at death camps, also known as concentration camps. Depending on where you lived and your ethnic group determined which concentration camp you would go too ( Expulsion of Germans after a World War II) . Among the two million who perished included many women, children and the elderly. Many of the German men who died were prisoners of war. Also, there are those Germans who were hungry, fighting disease, cold, and who had been affected by murders left their homeland. (Mass Starvation of Germans).
The aftermath of the war caused divisions of land to take place. Both Berlin and Germany had to be divided into four parts and included Great Britain, France, the United St...

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