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By the twentieth century over two million Germans have immigrated to the United States. Regardless of where they settled they came from a multitude of areas and for a variety of reasons. They were a highly diversified group in terms of regional origin, religious and political orientation, education, and socioeconomic standing.
There were a multitude of push factors, or issues that caused Germans to want to leave Germany from inside the country. One of those is that during the time of World War One, Germany’s government started having mandatory military service. This meant that any male over the age of 15 would either have to serve in Germany’s military or they would have to leave the country. Many people did not want to serve, and as a result they left. Some other push factors were crop failures, inheritance laws, high rents, high prices, and the effects of the industrial revolution. These things led to widespread poverty and suffering. Also not having religious freedom was an issue.
One of the pull factors, or issues that caused Germans to want to leave Germany that originated from outside the country, of the German immigration to New York was the many advertisements in foreign countries promoting cheap land in New York. This was due to an abundance of land for small fees under the Homestead Act. This was an ideal solution for the farmers who lost their jobs. They could migrate to New York and start farming here. Also, industrial jobs important role in the promoting of New...
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