German shepherd Dog

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For thousands of years dogs have walked alongside man with loyalty, care, and friendship. Now there is the dog called the German shepherd and to me it is the most reliable of all the dogs. They have a history that is different from others, they can be trained to always stand by you, they are strictly bred to perfection, and they have done many great heroic actions. I should get a German shepherd.
The history of German shepherds is both remarkable and interesting. During the late 1890s, the first lead towards the German shepherd started. In Germany, a man named von Stephanitz had a great journey far and wide from the cold of Russia to the heat of European owned African settlements. His ideal choice for this journey was to find the highest bred dog. He considered this dog to be “athletic, and intelligent, and capable” (“German Shepherd Dog”, Dogtime). Von Stephanitz had observed various breeding areas, circuses, heroic dogs, and basic house dogs. He found many of them with the abilities but not all at once. As he walked he found that it may not be possible. Then one day he attended a circus act and a dog was presented into the room, and as the light hit it the glossy silk coat was seen as a soft black and a tough rugged brown. The show was astonishing to him, as the dog dashed and leaped with precision and showed its strong intellect with its remarkable training; he marked the dog as “impressive and fancy” (Wikipedia, ”German Shepherd”). He felt right then that this was the one that he has been looking for. They announced this dog as “Hektor Linksrhein” and after von Stephanitz bought this dog from them and renamed him to Horand von Grafath.
Immediately after, he and his friend, Arthur Meyers, created the Society for German Shepher...

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