Why Is Genetic Modification Wrong

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There are many unique ideas and opinions on the topic of genetic modification of children. Some people presume true that you should not play god and genetically modifying babies is wrong. Others may believe that GM is guaranteed to make the world a better place that is rid of diseases and “perfect.” Is there really a right answer? Modifying our future children could potentially cause a positive effect on our lives as we know it today; however, there are many ways it could take a turn for the worse. Based on our survey responses, many of the 8th grade students at Greencastle Middle School remained indifferent or neutral about the idea of genetic modification. Roughly thirty percent of the students agreed that genetic modification to enhance physical traits is not a good idea and therefore shall not be encouraged. On the other hand, when asked if GM is a practical way to rid or screen diseases such as sickle-cell anemia, only six …show more content…

On an online poll, 70% of people across the world have the viewpoint that it is against religion. Only 30% agreed that GM is ethical. Professor Julian Savulescu stated that genetically modifying babies is a “moral obligation,” and has the power to grow children into being ethically “better.” This makes them less likely to harm others around them. Even though some people believe GM is unethical, Professor Savulescu believes that it should not be a choice or in other words, you should be obligated to do it. Genetic modification should not be abused to physically enhance children, but it should be used to eliminate or lessen the amount of diseases, feelings of hatred, harm to people, et cetera. Although so many great things can be achieved with genetic modification, it still remains illegal in several parts of the world.

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