Genetic Engineered Babies

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Science has taken another step forward into the future of mankind by empowering parents to give their children the best start possible. We are now presented the opportunity to decide what personality and features we want our kids to have before their even born. Although at first glance, it may seem amazing and feel as if you’re picking the exact candy bar you want at a convenient store. However, are we ready for mankind to play, what some might call “God”? Is messing with the genetic code in our babies morally right? Or is it wrong? These are questions being brought up towards the matter of genetically engineering our babies. Danielle Simmons mentioned in the 2008 Nature Education that “Genes influence health and disease, as well as human traits and behavior”. Well genetic engineering on human genes has been going on for a long period of time now. It has also been performed on babies of women who were having trouble conceiving to prevent birth deficiency and help produce a healthy baby. As time went on, scientist became more precise and accurate in the genetic engineering of human genes (Simmons). Scientist is now able to help parents make their baby exactly the way, they prefer. Now that we are able to engineer the genetic code in humans to this extent, we can now produce a healthier generation that will have our ideal traits and behavior. Genetically altered babies will have no say in what’s being done to their bodies before birth, and consequently will have to live with whatever happens as a result of genetic tampering. I believe that messing with the genetic code in babies to make them have traits and behaviors the way their parents prefer is morally wrong and that babies genes are made a certain way for a reason. It’ll be as ... ... middle of paper ... ...ture generation healthier. There’s too many questions left unexplained and to many unknown facts about the human genome and how it works. We should not pursue this kind of science, but in fact work on bettering our environment to help influence the development of a healthier generation. Nature will evolve at its own pace, so let’s not take on the role of playing “god” and have a possibility of ending up with a genetic problem. Eventually and hopefully the 30 designer babies that have already been born, will grow and help scientist with their studies. Genetically engineering unborn babies is morally wrong and we shouldn’t alternate a human in anyway, especially if they can’t communicate. Why waste funds on alternating nature, when we can use it for other science that can benefit us other ways? Let’s prevent, what could end up in a major disaster and accept Darwinism.

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