The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Mofication

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When it comes to the topic of genetic modification some of us will readily agree that humanity would be better off without it. Where as some are convinced that genetic modification may be the best way to go for the next generation, others maintain that it will cause conflict and separation between societies. Some of us can agree that even though scientists say genetic modification is to break the cycle of cancer and other inherited diseases, I say that along with the process comes the option of changing other features in your unborn child. Genetic modification should not occur because even though some consider it a good thing there are still a lot of negative things that come from this like cell imbalance. Genetic modification may decrease the chances of genetic diseases, but how can we be sure we obtained and modified all the infected cells. If that would be where the line is drawn it would be a positive thing for everyone. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Once one starts messing with an embryo, then you began to wonder and curiosity gets the best of you. You begin to want to start changing eye color, way of thinking amongst a number of other stuff. Children don’t ask to be conceived and they sure as hell don’t ask to…show more content…
Having a lot of metals and trophies on your walls. An article called wonderful children by Kaebnick says, “Imagine parents who, wanting an athletic child and getting a bookish child, think about using gone transfer techniques to improve muscular function(in fact, some believe such techniques will be among the first significant human enhancements available”) (Kaebnick). Then you come to find out all you have is because of a decision your parents made for you while you were a child. How would that make you feel? Genetic enhancement would destroy someone’s life. Everything they have accomplished is not their success. It has all been planned and modified to be that
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