Genetic Engineering and Gender of Born Babies

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Genetic Engineering and Gender of Born Babies

There is great societal influence on the family builders, the parents,

as to their preference, bias toward the number and sex of children.

As a result of this societal influence, the effects are apparent. One

effect is that if two parents have two children, one of each gender,

then a third is not very plausible. If a family has two children both

of the same sex, then they are more apt to have a third. A second

effect of this societal influence pertains to China and its One-Child

Policy. The effect is detrimental to its female population. An

obvious result to such influence is a climb in the number of worldwide

abortions, and infanticide. There is a new product on the market and

available to the world right now that will aid society in its

persuasion and this product is the Baby Gender Mentor™ Home DNA Gender

Testing Kit. This product will have a grave significant effect on the

future outcome of global society both economically and ethically. The

responsibility is too great to be left in the hands of the individual

and must be monitored by the governments.

Family sex structuring has occurred since the beginning of the studies

and surveys that date back to 1915. Family sex structuring is the

planning with intentions directed toward the preference of one sex

over another. This preference is only one theory involved in the

reasoning of the article “Emerging Parental Gender Indifference? Sex

Composition of Children and the Third Birth” by Michael S. Pollard and

S. Philip Morgan. The original in depth idea of the article is that a

family consisting of two parents and two existing c...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that if they are of the same sex, they're more apt to have a third.
  • Explains that they are able to go places on their own and are not weighted down by others.
  • Describes the factors that determine if a couple is having boys or girls as soon as they are pregnant.
  • Opines that a woman can decide whether to get an abortion if she wants to have children of her own.
  • Explains that in china, it has led to an imbalance of about 120 men for every 100.
  • Explains that they had to figure out a way to differ their mistake.
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