Gender Stereotypes In Annie's Myth # 2

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In the movie, myth #2 is constructed as follows: When Annie’s mother talked Annie about the idea of "magic" that brings she and her husband together, she said “I knew it. It is magic, I knew we would be together forever, and everything would be wonderful”. This is saying that she believed that they would be together and have a happy marriage even though she had just meet the person and had no idea of his personal life, but she fell in love with him in seconds. The idea is harmful and unrealistic, there are chances that people might find someone attractive at first sight, but love is based on similarity in attitudes and beliefs, which usually takes sometime to know. The portrait of Sam’s first marriage also shows the love at first sight notion. Sam thought that he and her wife was love at the first sight. “I knew it at the when I first time I touched her" said Sam. It’s just impossible for someone to find his or her lover by simply touching him in real life. The other obvious representation of myth#2 is when Sam saw Annie at the first glance. When Sam first saw Annie at the airport, his eye fixed on her at the very first moment and even forgot to…show more content…
The first one is when Annie shared her experience of listening Sam’s story with her colleagues. Annie and her bestie had shared sympathy, while two male officers laughed and made jokes about it. The underlying idea is that men would not understand women’s thought. Men live in Mars; women live in Venus. It presents the stereotype that sex is very different; they would not understand opposite gender’s feeling. The point is exaggerated again in the later movie when Sam and his cousin talked about a movie that they felt sentimental but female wouldn’t understand the feeling. It is basically reaffirmed the stereotype that men and women are totally different creature as they have hard time understanding each
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