Gender Stereotype Analysis

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stereotypes can have negative connotations, they can also have positive ones as well.
Gender stereotypes are prevalent for both boys and girls, but have a more noticeable impact of young girls. Shops know their market and they stick to it: girl’s toys are generally involve: busty Barbies in short skirts, cooking utensils and kitchens and plastic babies in pink pushchairs. All of these things seem innocent, but subtly remind girls that they should be three things: pretty, useful in the kitchen and good mothers.
This is quite a contradiction to the boy’s aisle. Where cars, science sets, and generally more fully clothed action figures prevail. The divide is clear and it affects girls even into later life and careers. This idea is supported by education minister Elizabeth Truss who recently warned children's toys could affect their careers. She said: ‘gender-specific toys risked turning …show more content…

Many don’t tell the reader that they are photo shopped inflicting a subconscious idea of what one should look like onto the reader. But what are the dangers of this deception? The majority of women in Glamour’s survey said they have a problem with such alterations. “I want to look like me on my best day, not change my body,” says Janet Rodriguez, 23, of Norwalk, California. Most of the women surveyed said it felt deceitful. because it feels like a “lie,” most women also said that they don’t agree with retouching in magazines. Only 43 percent of women said it was OK for magazines to retouch. Body image experts agree with this idea that photoshop affects people “Study after study has shown that when we see perfected, altered images, it leads to anxiety and low self-esteem and can even play a role in the development of eating disorders,” says

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