Gender, Sexuality, And Sexuality

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This research explores gender and sexuality in different geographical locations. Looking at these areas uncovers insight into the relationships between gender, sexuality and culture, family life, work life, socialization of individuals and institutions, globalization, capitalism and the interactions between these categories. This research includes the discussion of qualitative case study data which touches on attitudes, feelings and beliefs about experiences of gender and sexuality in Thailand and in the UK. Reviewing previous literature on a variety of conceptions of gender and sexuality from a British (or ‘Western’ perspective) alongside literature on gender and sexuality in Thailand provides an insight into some of the above areas. I have presented, discussed and evaluated a variety of secondary sources including interviews and qualitative research case studies which provide data on these topics mainly from the field of Anthropology but also from other areas of Social Science. I have tried to include a wide variety of perspectives from which to link my data and analysis, primarily looking at critical notions of sexuality and gender which I believe enable a more inclusive and accurate portrayal of the plethora of conceptual frameworks and understandings through which we make sense of these subjects within and outside of our own experience. My findings outline respondent’s beliefs and experiences regarding their own gender and sexual journeys, illustrating links to popular theories such as social constructivism, binary oppositions, gender inequality and development in a Thai context.


This project explores the intersection between conceptions of gender, sexuality and their relationship with cultures of different...

... middle of paper ... by looking at the construction of sexual relationships, gender, family, religion and culture through theoretical accounts. I will look into the complexity of cross-cultural sexual encounters and the effect of culture on sexual and gender identity. The Methods chapter will include secondary sources which provide evidence and data on my topic of interest I will explore such as the strengths and weaknesses involved with researching secondary, qualitative data of a sensitive nature and challenges I have faced in conducting this research. In my Findings chapter I will present an analysis of three ethnographic case studies in Thailand from Sinnott (2012), Knodel et al. (1996) and Ocha (2012) These include evidence on the influences of the sex work industry, the transient nature of Queer identity language, social control, gender inequality and gender as a performance.

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