Gender Roles

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Gender Roles The affects of gender roles on people greatly change the way the society runs. According to the Webster's dictionary the definition of gender are the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex, and the definition of role is a character assigned or assumed. The key word in this definition is assumed; therefore, whether you are male or female, you know what role you must play in society. Traditional gender roles are beneficial to society. They benefit society in many ways including keeping stability, order and generally making life easier. Women have to work two jobs: outside the home and within the home, taking care of the children. Children that are not raised by their parents do not end up as well as kids that are. These are some of the many reasons why we should have traditional gender roles. Gender roles provide stability and order in society. For example, in societies with traditional gender roles there are arranged marriages. Arranged marriages provide stability and order, because it takes the stress off women and men. It also eliminates the fear of rejection from either side. It keeps order because the woman will stay in the house, take care of the kids while the men will go out and make a living for the family supporting them with money. Additionally, women work too hard in non- traditional role societies. In non-traditional role societies, women work too hard with the combined jobs of house and the workload outside the house. Men and woman have called a cease-fire on the fight between gender roles that took place during much of 20th century. However, now the problem is ... ... middle of paper ... ...ty, and in non- traditional gender role societies woman are over worked by the stress of their job combined with household work. Lastly woman are better nurturers than men therefore they should stay home with the children. Traditional gender roles are beneficial to society. Work Cited ---------- 1) Anderson, Porter. CNN. 1998. 08 Apr. 2002 . 2)Gender Studies University of Gdansk. 02 Feb. 1991. University of Gdansk. 07 Apr. 2002 . 3) Morin, Richard, and Megan Rosenfeld. Washington Post. 22 Mar. 1998. 07 Apr. 2002 . 4) Role of Woman in Islam. 10 Apr. 2002 . 5) The Family: At Home is a Heartless World. Vol. 1. N.p.: Harper Collins, 1995.
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